Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Travel Journal #9

(Friday night arrived in Marysville, Ohio) 
Saturday 27th
   Went for breakfast at a lovely restaurant called First watch on a really pretty street. I had Carrot Cake Pancakes, eggs, bacon and Hot Chocolate! Such a beautiful dry, cool, Autumn morning. The changing trees make the simplest scene picturesque. Then went to the Ohio History Museum which has pretty much all of America's history under one roof - it's massive! They had a special exhibition called 'Controversy 2' which contained artifacts that cause much debate and uproar today - over the fact that they ever existed and have survived thus far.  Things like the Swastika Nazi flag, 'Gollywog' sketches, and a slave's poem. 
   It was interesting to see all of this included as 'controversial' as there was a time when these things were accepted as normal, or at least majorly accepted in some societies. It made me wonder what they would show in an exhibition like this in 100 years. Maybe the 'Gay Pride' rainbow flag, Dawkins' London bus sticker with the slogan 'God isn't real, get over it', maybe a medal of honour from the war in Iraq, maybe even a Bible. It is interesting to see how society changes, how today the 'freedom of the people' is celebrated when in reality there are issues causing friction and oppression among us. Some may think it beautiful how we all seem to be so liberated, but there are those who would advocate an airborne threat to even the private practice of values they hold dear. The World is forever changing, swapping between the importance of tradition and fresh ideas. People have not changed, generations have always found something to disagree on. But maybe we can be a people who, with our own beliefs and opinions, can share this world in peace. With a love that surpasses understanding, as we have been granted ourselves...

    After the Museum and deep thought we head back to the house to prepare for a smoked BBQ dinner and whilst Renee was emphatically rushing around for that the men, boys, and myself went outside for a bit of target practice! We shot clay skeet (disks) which Josh flung into the air with his catapult thing - same as in Oklahoma - and my aim has improved! It was a lighter shotgun which made it easier to hit on target and I shot about 6/8 skeet! :] Showed up some of the boys which is always fun. Some friends came over for the BBQ and a game of Monopoly was attempted and abandoned as we were pretty knackered after the long day.
Sunday 28th
   Church morning service then went for lunch with Brooke. Brooke and I met when I was last over when I was 13, we were pen pals for a while (old style) then became official Facebook friends <3 and have been in touch for all this time. It was so good seeing her again and catching up on this past year. We went to the Ol' Bag o' Nails pub - the first place in America I've been where they have pretty much mastered English batter, so you can get an almost-proper Fish & Chips. (Having worked in a chippy for 2 years, I appreciate this greatly.) I went back to Brooke's and watched the end of a questionable Spanish film, supposedly telling the tale of a cook book... Then we watched Chalet Girl - cheesy but good. Then Brooke's family and some others came to Renee's house for more BBQ with peeps and I played some guitar - I think this is becoming my American Debut Tour ;]
Monday 29th
   We went to the Apple Store in the morning - Renee got an iPad with all the trimmings. It felt like Christmas. Went to Dublin near Columbus and got a Jeni's ice cream - Dad got a spicy chocolate flavour as well as others I got Blueberry Crunch, Salty Caramel and a Nutty Chocolate one, nom! We then went to Ohio Caverns, after grabbing  a quick savory snack for luncheon, and discovered it was warmer underground than outside! Which was a nice surprise as it had been (rather literally) freezing all day. We ordered and 'took out' some pizza home for supper, a brilliant end to a brilliant day.
Tuesday 30th
   Woke up after a needed lie in to the sight of a thin layer of snow on the grass outside. Wait, snow in October?! Thanks to Hurricane Sandy - yes. After a short session of feline stretching and yawning Renee came and told me that there were freshly made carrot cake pancakes waiting for me when I was ready for breakfast. Ohmygosh. Definitely one of the best mornings ever!! Like an early Birthday/Christmas day. :] 
We didn't forget those North of us who are getting the worst of the storm, and it's only just beginning to show it's might. New York is spotted with destruction and there is a growing fear that it will get worse before it eases. Remember in your thoughts and prayers the people affected through this storm and the rescue support teams as they relieve all they can.
   We took a trip to Walmart and get some more presents/food supplies for the next journey, saw Renee's parents, went to her family's for dinner then played pool and cards with Brook, Cody and Chaz. :]
Wednesday 31st
   Eventually got home this morning and had little sleep before getting up and saying goodbyes to Renee, Josh and the boys. Sad to be leaving, as it was leaving Brooke and her friends yesterday. Alas, we must depart. Packing the car up in just a minute then heading down to Knoxville in Tennessee for the night before heading to North Carolina tomorrow, missing the worst of the snow in West Virginia.

   See you in Knoxville :]

Friday, 26 October 2012

Travel Journal #8 - Hidy Ho Henderson :]

Monday 22nd October
   Got up. Lunch. Shopping with Marie. Dinner with Kid President's family and another couple. Watched the 3rd Presidential debate - interesting stuff.
   If you would like to see what Kid President does, look here: Kid President - YouTube

Tuesday 23rd October
   Went to an early lunch in a Japanese restaurant near Jackson. Pretty good. Rice tea. I had a non-adventurous-but-delicious sweet and sour chicken dish and Dad had the Mongolian beef. Others had sushi and such but I'll wait 'til I get to Japan to try the cuisine... Went back to campus later on in the day and spoke with Marco for a bit then went to Chickasaw Park with Matt Wallace. 'Fall' over here is SO beautiful, I whacked out my camera and was snapping away at the beautiful colours on the trees as they're changing, and the lake was so still it was amazing. Like a mirror giving us twice the splendor of the forest. Fun stuff :] Went to the Robertson's for dinner and stayed talking 'til 1130pm. Good conversations.

Wednesday 24th October
   Met Cassidy Williams at 10am in the Old House then went to chapel and lunch. Went to Chickasaw State Park with Matt again for a bit and he took me to the house we were eating at for dinner. Went to Pincin in the evening to give a talk, was pretty good. Went back to campus to evening singing and stayed in Cassidy's dorm!

Thursday 25th October
   Went to chapel, had lunch in Gano, went to Cassidy's class on Hebrews, went to Chickasaw with Matt and Cody and played guitar and watched Cody muck about. Had dinner at Pizza Hut with Matt, Cassidy, Cody, Dad, Marie, Bill and his wife (Dean of Bible), good stuff!! Back to Campus, watched a bit of 'Cool Runnings' in Old Main on the projector, went to get coffee before the MM and ended up staying in the cafe paying Mau (the card game) and came home.

Friday 26th October
   I got about 5 hours sleep last night as I got in late, packed and was up speaking to a friend back home <3 So I'm knackered. Talking to people and making good friendships has also worm me out, emotionally. I'm so sad to be leaving Steve and Marie, I consider them as Grandparents, they're so precious in my heart. Sad also to be leaving new friends, though I'm sure we'll see each other again.
   We're leaving for Ohio today - a 12 hour drive. Please pray for a safe journey as there's meant to be storms nearby and I would love to get there in one piece. :]
We have to go pack the car, so have a good day and I'll see you in Ohio!

Love and peace.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Travel Journal #7

Saturday 20th October
   LONG day! Left just gone 9 to drive to Tupelo Mississippi to visit Elvis Presley's house! YAS! So cool, we went in the wee house he was born in, the church he used to go to and first loved singing in, we saw his primary school and the town, and of course the museum and chapel built by family, friends and fans. It was very interesting.    We actually got a bit of a special tour as we went round with a couple who's Mother (and mother-in-law respectively) had grown up around the corner from Elvis' family and her Mother took care of Elvis when he was a baby, more notably right when he was born and the family dealt with his twin brother who didn't survive. She told us stories of the children, herself included, all playing on the hills nearby and going up to a small house to play. She distinctly recalls her mother playing the piano in the church Elvis and his family went to and tells us that in the reconditioned church building - they put the piano on the wrong side and there should be an aisle between the two columns of benches! It was truly a wonderful day out, we got to hear about the town's history a bit and we ate in the Diner he frequented as a child and revisited as an adult once he became famous. We also saw the music shop in which he bought his first guitar!
   We got back from Tupelo at about 5.30 and we were meant to be at a family's house for dinner at 6 so we quickly freshened up, grabbed a spot of tea and shot off! The family we ate with were lovely, I got into a massive conversation about everything with Beth Naylor and we pretty much solved the world's problems... ;] What a lovely night, amazing folk. Love meeting great people!

The girl in the middle of the photo is Miss Rae who gave us the special tour. The boy standing on the left is Elvis Presley.

Sunday 21st October
   Another long one! We worshiped with the Estes congregation where Steve and Marie are members. It was so wonderful to see so many people who have known my family for decades and it's always lovely to meet new people too, or re-meeting them as I can't remember those who held me when I was a baby or played with me when I was a child... We ate there with a visitation group then came back to the house for a bit and I skyped with Shanae for a few hours. Love you Sis! <3
   Head out to Bethel Springs for evening worship and class. Dad did his BBS presentation again and we hung around for about an hour and a half talking with people! I got into a conversation with Matt who had taken me around the Freed campus, and his friend was there too who does an amazing Londoner accent and is fluent in Japanese... Needless to say, I'm meeting some interesting and entertaining people!

   It's good times.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Travel Journal #6

Tuesday 16th October
Lie in and blogging! Lunch at the house.. Dinner at Zlatovich's house with Frank Bell and Jason Shappley, lots of fun and memories from Campaigns who stayed at our house in early 1990s :] They let us have a chocolate fudge pie - amazing!
Wednesday 17th October
We parked in my personal parking spot then I had a tour round campus from Marco Di Luca and Matt Wallace [thanks!], Chapel, lunch at Gano, and some jolly good conversation. We had dinner and evening worship service out in Lindin then I went to the evening song session at Clayton Chapel on Freed Hardeman campus. There was a storm that night and the lightning was intense! So bright and the thunder was so loud. Pretty cool experience, not so bad as to have damage nearby and no tornadoes.

Thursday 18th October
Went to an early lunch with Bill J Naylor and his wife at a cool hotel restaurant overlooking the Tennessee river, beautiful. Then had people over for dinner at Steve and Marie's, went to Freed's Theatre group rehearsal then the evening a capella group practice and stayed in Privileged student accommodation with Jessica J and her flatmates! Lots of fun :]

Friday 19th October
Woke up in a strange place and remembered I'd slept in the dorms, so wasn't too big a freak out. :] Milk and a cookie for breakfast then a Bible class with Jim Gardener and lunch with the England's at Bell's Burgers. Barbara England took be round the Art department and I saw some of the ongoing print work, senior gallery and dark room there. Pretty interesting stuff. After hanging round the art rooms for a bit we head over to the music department where Barbara's husband Richard works, and after playing me some Debussy and Les Mis we had a mini impromptu performance of 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' from Phantom of the Opera - that was pretty cool. Definitely makes me want to get back into singing! Came back to the house and after dinner we watched some footage taken of the Campaign Steve and Marie brought over to Peterborough in 1996! I shall tell you more of that soon... :] The best memories. 

We were rather surprised to see this classic London bus on Freed Hardeman campus!
 It's a project which helps raise awareness about the needs of orphans and raises money for orphan care. The bus had been converted into a shop with t-shirts to buy, amongst other things. If you're interested in knowing more or giving to the cause here's the website:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lose your life. Go crazy.

   I mentioned in my second Travel Journal entry that we heard Nathan Guy speak at the Harding Lectureship on the topic of a 'Faith That Is Constantly Renewed.'  It was a very good lesson, I know this because I felt inspired to write most of it down, which doesn't always happen. I want to share with you his words, as well as some of those which Chet Duke gave this morning at Freed Hardeman's chapel.

   The Harding lectureship focused on lessons from the book of Joshua, and in his conclusive lesson of the lectureship he made a few bold statements. He told us to "stop reading Joshua as a book of renewal of your own faith" like 'we will go, we will fight, we will succeed...' The book of Joshua tells us of his mission to do God's will in bringing the people to the promised land, a mission which was given to his forefathers which they failed to complete. The book can often be seen as a note of inspiration to those who have fallen away and wish to come back to Him, or who have sinned and wish to repent, or who have been quiet and wish to speak out. But Mr Guy reminds us that 'all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.' (Romans 3:23) He also reminds us that "God doesn't need your help. He commands your death." Speaking of 
Jesus saying "If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it." Matthew 10:39

   In chapel at Freed this morning Chet Duke spoke about our baptism through Christ and our continuing commitment to Him daily - that's what LOVE is, as I said before in 'How do you know when you're in LOVE', to LOVE someone is to CHOOSE to LOVE them. Every day. Loving when you want to, loving when you need to and loving when you don't even feel like liking. It is a choice. Nathan Guy says "Marriage is just the confession and commitment of love, you'll have to work the hardest after that to keep it together." Chet spoke about those who have already chosen God and have already made that choice to follow Him and he asked - why do we still sin?

   In understanding our human inadequacies often we fail to recognise that Jesus was fully human himself - and He was perfect. So why can't we be? The bar standard can sometimes seem so high that we lower it to make it achievable - but we were called to go through the 'narrow path', (Matthew 7:13), to go a different way. Maybe we don't think we personally deserve the best standards, and we don't. But God does. 
   Nathan Guy quoted Jim McGuiggan when he made the point that some have the attitude of 'I know I've failed you, Father, but don't I repent you magnificently?' Speaking on how sin can be justified through the repentance afterwards. Chet spoke of this also, saying that we have been saved through God's grace, a grace that we don't deserve. "You don't abuse grace," he said, and we shouldn't. He deserves the best and above that, He deserves your sincere best.

   My Dad always told me that it didn't matter what grades I got so long as I did my utmost best. Often this wasn't the case, but if my mark was a B then it was OK because, at least it was good. How often do we feel this way about our lives, and living for God? The answer I think is maybe too often. I feel OK writing this because I know I am a major culprit of this way of thinking - not just in terms of schooling. But I wonder what happened to us to make us think it is OK to give anything less than our best for Him who created us, loves us, and gives us Life. I wonder, indeed.

   Nathan Guy addressed three questions:
Do we speak as though we have something to fall back on apart from Him and Him alone? If we do, we need to check ourselves and realise that He is our only true refuge.
Do we think the plan begins with me and ends with me? It started with God. It'll end with God. We are just a part of the inbetween.
Do we think we need to find a solution to our problem? We are the problem. He is the solution.

Jesus said "If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it." Matthew 10:39

   I know that in everything I have been through, this past year especially, I could not have come this far without Him. In speaking to others I know my Mother passing away really isn't all that bad. Understand what I'm saying - there are people so much worse off than me, and I have needed Him through my trials. I am blessed everyday, every hour I am alive, in Him, I am surrounded by a family who loves, endures, hopes and believes in this life on into the next.

   Lose your life for God. Go on, go crazy.

3 States, 1 Day. [TJ #5]

 Ohmygosh it was exhausting. And jolly good too! Yesterday Dad and I started off in Henderson, TN, had some breakfast and head out in the morning for Corinth, Mississippi. 
After Dad's lesson, a good meeting and some wonderful friend-making we went to have lunch with the Shappley family and had an American style carvery (pretty much the same but with some other stuff..) Seriously good food. 
   After we had eaten and conversed much enjoyably we set off again for land further North, driving straight through Tennessee - stopping for a spot of tea at our host's house - to Mayfield, Kentucky. We met with the congregation there in the evening and again, met a bunch of lovely folk. Dad and I went back to a friend's house for some authentic home cooking, and eventually made it back to the house gone midnight. All in all it was a really good trip, even though we were both knackered after it. But all the more so, we were exhausted from meeting so many brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing his Word and encouragement. There's not really anything more satisfying than that. 

   Today Dad and I stayed in until lunchtime when we went to a couple's house who Dad has known for years and has stayed with them previously (as we saw in their guestbook). We spent a great afternoon with them reminiscing about their trip to the UK in 2003! And had amazing food, again. Oh and I stood on a fire ant's nest. Seriously, I just ASK to be hurt. :/ 
   Came back to the house for a few hours and caught up with people online then head out to another couple's house in the sticks (and I quote "we're rednecks out here") for dinner. Again, spoiled with company and good food for a few hours and back to the house for tea and sleep. The latter of which I shall be signing of to indulge in. I bid you goodnight - chapel in the morning, and hanging out with a pretty cool girl after! ;]

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Travel Journal #4 Sat 13th Oct

   Today we all had a bit of a lie in and Marie and I went shopping! Again... She's quickly becoming one of my favourite people. Not just because she takes me to neat shops and encourages me to buy pretty dresses ;] She's also very much interested in literature, crafts, tea and said shopping - so pretty much me a few years down the line! She's wonderful. 

   So yes, I bought 3 dresses, 2 tops, a hat (Marie bought me that grey one) mine has an OWL on it :] and some presents for some folk back home! Awfully successful outing. We had lunch at a burger place and then came home. Later Dad and I head out to the Blackwelder's house (peeps I did the horse volunteer thing with the other day) and we had a lovely dinner and visit. I went out to feed the horses with Beata and Alex as well which was cool :] All in all a very good day! Now I MUST get sleep as we're leaving at 0730 hrs to go to Corinth, Mississippi then up to Kentucky and back to Henderson TN. All in a day's work! 3 states, 1 day. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Travel Journal #3

     Friday 5th October
Up early, packed the car and now heading to Oklahoma! The roads here don't really tell you when you're coming up to a junction, so Dad and I were speaking and we flew past it... re-routed us a bit but I think we'll actually save time this way! Nae bad.... Waffle House for lunch - SO GOOD!

We arrived at Russell and Jennifer's, had a tour round their house, went round on their buggy thing into their woods and I drove it round a bit and Dad was a bit concerned I was going fast - but Russell was encouraging me to go faster. :] Had dinner - funny dinner conversations with the boys. Up talking, playing guitar then bed.

     Saturday 6th October
Soccer games at 9 and 10 with Jennifer's dad and it was cooold. Down to 38*F at one point. Back for shooting clay targets with a shot gun! Rode round on buggy a bit more. Met Jennifer's mum. :] Had delicious pizza for lunch in Tulsa. Went to the Christian shop, bought stuff... Went to the 'Hobby Lobby' store - amazing, Mum would have loved it. And to a fantastic music shop. 
   Then went to the Langdons... Rope swing, zip wire, gorgeous house with the children's beds on the ceiling!!! They have two cows, three horses, four dogs and chickens. Dan talked about how life should go at 'that pace' looking at the horses moseying through the gate. We rode on horses quite a bit, round the other fields and over a wee dry creek... We had a campfire and the first ever international partaking of Camp Tayside Hot Choccy Choccy That Tastes Jolly Good! Dan prayed "Thank you for this moment and moments like this to come" whilst we were at the campfire. <3
   And SLEEP.
     Sunday 7th October
Church - Dad preached, spoke about our family and his work with the British Bible School. Preached a good lesson :]  They were having a pumpkin patch so we helped unload the 2000 pumpkins after pot luck, Dad on a wee digger and my in the truck (after taking lots of pictures). 
   A guy who used to be a professional country singer had brought his PA system and set it up on the back of a lorry bed and Jen had told him I played guitar and sang and he insisted I play his new shiny guitar. I obliged, of course. We sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz then I played Ghosts for him, Dad, Russell, Jennifer and her Dad. Was so much fun. We had to head before the festival thing started, down to Edmond to see John and Connie Maple.
   We had a sandwich dinner then head out to Oklahoma Christian University campus for the evening lecture of their Lectureship. Walking into the building and Kevin Peters is walking towards us! An old friend who lived in Dundee, Scotland for a while and was involved in Camp Tayside (which I blogged about in July/August) - so good to see him!! After the lecture we got to see Acappella perform - the original and the current in a 30 Year Reunion!!! 
   They were soooo goood! And the bassist sheesh! Made the ground vibrate! Good stuff. Met Kevin's lovely wife Amanda briefly after the concert then tried to find Dad as he'd wandered off to see people. Met Keith Lancaster as we were on our way to the car - good friend of Dad's and his wife was close with Mum, so was lovely to see them. <3
     Monday 8th October 
Up and ready and at a lecture with Dad at 9. Saw Kevin briefly as we went through the book and mission stalls. Spoke to Jed and Shiloh Lovejoy who we knew when they were in the UK and are involved in running a Christian Children's Home in Oklahoma called Tipton House. I went with Amanda P for some coffee in OK City and we drove around for a bit, she showed me the nice spots and the not-so-nice spots, the church she worked at and the area Kevin worked in as well. Had lunch with Amanda, Kevin and their friend Jamie. Then coffee with Dad and Kevin and back to the house. After dinner Dad, Connie and John went to the evening lecture and I stayed in to edit photos/relax/pack/sleep...
     Tuesday 9th October
Had breakfast with John and Connie, packed the car and went to OCU to see some people before leaving. Met Eric Tryggestad who is the Assistant Managing Editor of The Christian Chronicle publication which is based at OCU. Nice contact to have as a writer ;] We went to the Uni Library's book sale and bought a few books. Then we went to the University Bookshop and bought a fair few more books. Which we'll probably have to mail home - they had to give us a box instead of a bag to carry them out... We then head back across to Searcy, AK, stopping in at Wendy's to eat a late lunch then Sonic for a lovely chocolate malt each. Got to the Shelton's and had some dinner, some catch up conversation and went to bed. And I blogged.

     Wednesday 10th October
Slept in 'til 9 :] Had SUCH a lazy day it was wonderful. Typed out this Travel Journal... Need to finish it with links and pictures tomorrow (which will already be there by the time you read it!) Had a funny conversation with my friend Brooke. Yeah, thought I'd give you a shout out ;] BED!
     Thursday 11th October
Slept in 'til 9, up and ready and packed, caught up with my lovely friend at home Nicola <3 Finished this journal and heading off to Henderson soon! See you there :] // Arrived at Steve and Marie Johnson's house and got a well needed cup of tea! Dinner and some catching up then Marie got out some craft stuff and we started making button rings! Thanks Pinterest ;]
     Friday 12th October
Slept in 'til 9, up and ready, Skyped with Jayne, Stuart and Eli for a good while - he's getting so big and I miss my beautiful friends!! Skyped with a friend from school David as well and spoke to Nicola today as well <3 So many shout out's here :] Blogged 'Travel Journal #2', and I guess now #3 as you're reading it! Think we're going out in Henderson to eat tonight, and then lots more shenannegans over the weekend.. Have a good one, blog to ya soon.

Peace and Love.

Travel Journal #2

     Wednesday 26th September
Chapel at Freed Hardeman then set off for Searcy. Realised we left the projector in Gallatin - doh! - so we detoured to the Apple store in Memphis to get a connector for Dad's computer. We got to Searcy, Arkansas, to the Shelton's house, had a bit of dinner, met Hannah's fiencee Jake and chatted for a while about the trip so far. Went to bed and slept amazingly. 

     Thursday 27th September
Today marks a year since God took Mum home to be with Him. We didn't plan anything for today. I stayed in, blogging, played guitar, editing photos and such, speaking with some good friends back home. Went to Hannah and Jake's flat-to-be which Jake is living in at the moment, went to a coffee shop 'Midnight Oil' and came back to the house to chill for a bit.

     Friday 28th September
I went to chapel with Hannah this morning, Corey Stumne gave the devotional and it was brilliant! I went with Hannah and Jake to register for wedding gifts at Hallmark. Fun stuff. 
Went to lunch at a mexican restaurant with Dad and the Brown's (went to school with their oldest daughter and Hannah on my 7th Birthday!) and we went to a place called 'Shorty's' for dinner tonight. Pretty small place out in nowhere pretty much but they do excellent catfish! #hanginwiththelocals From there we went to 'Get Down Downtown' where there were a bunch of market stalls and food vans and a stage with country singers. We got some amazing ice cream from a wee shop and went into this really groovy 'open studio' thing where artists have their own cubicle for making stuff and they can display it so when the public walks around their pieces can be bought! Crazy cool.

     Saturday 29th September
Went to the Beebe flea market - BIT of a 'cultural experience', looked properly like a 3rd world country.. IT was interesting to say the least. We then went to Little Rock to see Hannah's older sister Sarah who is a Pharmacist there. We walked a bit across the bridge, went to a cool food emporium place and stood on the War Memorial Stadium's Football field. Pretty cool! 
Had dinner at the house with the Brown's and went to my first ever American Football game, Harding Bison's vs. ECU (Oklahoma) Tigers and we won 31-14 it was so much fun! (And that was another Harding "FIRST DOWN!" woop woop!) I am now a fan.

     Sunday 30th September
So it was a year since we had a Bithday dinner and cake for Mum, without her.
   Went to church, Dad preached and I cried when he mentioned Mum and this anniversary. <3 A woman came up to us afterwards and told her it touched her as well as today is her son's birthday, and she lost her husband earlier this year. We sat in on a college bible class talking about religion and science, the guy mentioned some philosophical terms and schools of thinking which I actually understood and I felt all studious again aha. Went back to the house for dinner sandwiches and some friends of the Shelton's came round to eat with us. We then to Harding to hear their University Choir and and evening Lecture beginning the Lectureship officially! Monte Cox spoke about 'Faith in a New Place and Time', kicking off the talks for the week which were all taken from the book of Joshua. Hannah and I then went to an evening song service for the youth at a church nearby and I met up with a friend Sophie and stayed in her dorm for the night which was fun! Met her friends and enjoyed a late trip to Walmart :]

     Monday 1st October
First day of lectureship! Got ready and head into 10am chapel - which Dad was giving all this week, (student chapel at 9am and 10am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Lectureships) which can be found on iTunes, if you follow this link it will come up in your iTunes App store - just search for the speaker 'Patrick Boyns' and you shall hear my Daddy!
   Had lunch at the house and went to a women's lecture in the afternoon with Hannah on the verse 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' It was really inspiring, 3 women in different circumstances - the 'single' household, the 'newly-married' household and the 'mother and grandmother' household. They spoke to us briefly about their experiences in their relationships and how it has influenced their service to the Kingdom. Lunch and dinner at the houseWe all went to the evening lecture given by Keith Tompson entitled 'Faith That Doesn't Fear the City.'

     Tuesday 2nd October
Chapel with Lori. Went to a women's lecture with Lori entitled 'Women's Ministry and Programs: Leading the Journey' given by Anessa Westbrook. Went to one art exhibition called 'A Tourist of Saints: a photo graphic journal of Haiti'. Went to Hannah's British Novel class - Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush! Lunch with Hannah and Jake at a Mexican restaurant. The evening lecture was given by Clifton Ganus, who is about 90 years old, spoke about a 'Faith That Grows Stronger With Age.' We caught up with an old friend of Dad's, Dwight Smith, and then went to Bruce McLarty's for tea after evening lecture and sat with a bunch of great people - then came back and blogged about it. :] 

     Wednesday 3rd October 
Chapel in the morning with Lori then went round the mission tables, bought some wee gifts and picked up leaflets. Went to the second art exhibition - a series of prints based on passages from Joshua. Didn't get to go to the student lecture I had wanted to catch, but I'll catch it on iTunes, it was given by Will Waldron called 'Connections Through the Cross'. Went to Hannah's meeting about wedding catering in one of the Harding offices. Came home and blogged. Dinner in the house out to the evening lecture given by Nathan Guy called 'Faith That Is Constantly Renewed.'

     Thursday 4th October
Day in sorting stuff and packing. Bit of writing. Edited photos. Dinner at night with the Shelton's and played the 'game of things' 'til late. FUNNY stuff.