Friday, 12 October 2012

Travel Journal #2

     Wednesday 26th September
Chapel at Freed Hardeman then set off for Searcy. Realised we left the projector in Gallatin - doh! - so we detoured to the Apple store in Memphis to get a connector for Dad's computer. We got to Searcy, Arkansas, to the Shelton's house, had a bit of dinner, met Hannah's fiencee Jake and chatted for a while about the trip so far. Went to bed and slept amazingly. 

     Thursday 27th September
Today marks a year since God took Mum home to be with Him. We didn't plan anything for today. I stayed in, blogging, played guitar, editing photos and such, speaking with some good friends back home. Went to Hannah and Jake's flat-to-be which Jake is living in at the moment, went to a coffee shop 'Midnight Oil' and came back to the house to chill for a bit.

     Friday 28th September
I went to chapel with Hannah this morning, Corey Stumne gave the devotional and it was brilliant! I went with Hannah and Jake to register for wedding gifts at Hallmark. Fun stuff. 
Went to lunch at a mexican restaurant with Dad and the Brown's (went to school with their oldest daughter and Hannah on my 7th Birthday!) and we went to a place called 'Shorty's' for dinner tonight. Pretty small place out in nowhere pretty much but they do excellent catfish! #hanginwiththelocals From there we went to 'Get Down Downtown' where there were a bunch of market stalls and food vans and a stage with country singers. We got some amazing ice cream from a wee shop and went into this really groovy 'open studio' thing where artists have their own cubicle for making stuff and they can display it so when the public walks around their pieces can be bought! Crazy cool.

     Saturday 29th September
Went to the Beebe flea market - BIT of a 'cultural experience', looked properly like a 3rd world country.. IT was interesting to say the least. We then went to Little Rock to see Hannah's older sister Sarah who is a Pharmacist there. We walked a bit across the bridge, went to a cool food emporium place and stood on the War Memorial Stadium's Football field. Pretty cool! 
Had dinner at the house with the Brown's and went to my first ever American Football game, Harding Bison's vs. ECU (Oklahoma) Tigers and we won 31-14 it was so much fun! (And that was another Harding "FIRST DOWN!" woop woop!) I am now a fan.

     Sunday 30th September
So it was a year since we had a Bithday dinner and cake for Mum, without her.
   Went to church, Dad preached and I cried when he mentioned Mum and this anniversary. <3 A woman came up to us afterwards and told her it touched her as well as today is her son's birthday, and she lost her husband earlier this year. We sat in on a college bible class talking about religion and science, the guy mentioned some philosophical terms and schools of thinking which I actually understood and I felt all studious again aha. Went back to the house for dinner sandwiches and some friends of the Shelton's came round to eat with us. We then to Harding to hear their University Choir and and evening Lecture beginning the Lectureship officially! Monte Cox spoke about 'Faith in a New Place and Time', kicking off the talks for the week which were all taken from the book of Joshua. Hannah and I then went to an evening song service for the youth at a church nearby and I met up with a friend Sophie and stayed in her dorm for the night which was fun! Met her friends and enjoyed a late trip to Walmart :]

     Monday 1st October
First day of lectureship! Got ready and head into 10am chapel - which Dad was giving all this week, (student chapel at 9am and 10am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Lectureships) which can be found on iTunes, if you follow this link it will come up in your iTunes App store - just search for the speaker 'Patrick Boyns' and you shall hear my Daddy!
   Had lunch at the house and went to a women's lecture in the afternoon with Hannah on the verse 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' It was really inspiring, 3 women in different circumstances - the 'single' household, the 'newly-married' household and the 'mother and grandmother' household. They spoke to us briefly about their experiences in their relationships and how it has influenced their service to the Kingdom. Lunch and dinner at the houseWe all went to the evening lecture given by Keith Tompson entitled 'Faith That Doesn't Fear the City.'

     Tuesday 2nd October
Chapel with Lori. Went to a women's lecture with Lori entitled 'Women's Ministry and Programs: Leading the Journey' given by Anessa Westbrook. Went to one art exhibition called 'A Tourist of Saints: a photo graphic journal of Haiti'. Went to Hannah's British Novel class - Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush! Lunch with Hannah and Jake at a Mexican restaurant. The evening lecture was given by Clifton Ganus, who is about 90 years old, spoke about a 'Faith That Grows Stronger With Age.' We caught up with an old friend of Dad's, Dwight Smith, and then went to Bruce McLarty's for tea after evening lecture and sat with a bunch of great people - then came back and blogged about it. :] 

     Wednesday 3rd October 
Chapel in the morning with Lori then went round the mission tables, bought some wee gifts and picked up leaflets. Went to the second art exhibition - a series of prints based on passages from Joshua. Didn't get to go to the student lecture I had wanted to catch, but I'll catch it on iTunes, it was given by Will Waldron called 'Connections Through the Cross'. Went to Hannah's meeting about wedding catering in one of the Harding offices. Came home and blogged. Dinner in the house out to the evening lecture given by Nathan Guy called 'Faith That Is Constantly Renewed.'

     Thursday 4th October
Day in sorting stuff and packing. Bit of writing. Edited photos. Dinner at night with the Shelton's and played the 'game of things' 'til late. FUNNY stuff. 

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