Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 States, 1 Day. [TJ #5]

 Ohmygosh it was exhausting. And jolly good too! Yesterday Dad and I started off in Henderson, TN, had some breakfast and head out in the morning for Corinth, Mississippi. 
After Dad's lesson, a good meeting and some wonderful friend-making we went to have lunch with the Shappley family and had an American style carvery (pretty much the same but with some other stuff..) Seriously good food. 
   After we had eaten and conversed much enjoyably we set off again for land further North, driving straight through Tennessee - stopping for a spot of tea at our host's house - to Mayfield, Kentucky. We met with the congregation there in the evening and again, met a bunch of lovely folk. Dad and I went back to a friend's house for some authentic home cooking, and eventually made it back to the house gone midnight. All in all it was a really good trip, even though we were both knackered after it. But all the more so, we were exhausted from meeting so many brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing his Word and encouragement. There's not really anything more satisfying than that. 

   Today Dad and I stayed in until lunchtime when we went to a couple's house who Dad has known for years and has stayed with them previously (as we saw in their guestbook). We spent a great afternoon with them reminiscing about their trip to the UK in 2003! And had amazing food, again. Oh and I stood on a fire ant's nest. Seriously, I just ASK to be hurt. :/ 
   Came back to the house for a few hours and caught up with people online then head out to another couple's house in the sticks (and I quote "we're rednecks out here") for dinner. Again, spoiled with company and good food for a few hours and back to the house for tea and sleep. The latter of which I shall be signing of to indulge in. I bid you goodnight - chapel in the morning, and hanging out with a pretty cool girl after! ;]

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