Wednesday, 3 October 2012


   Beauty is a funny thing. How do you know if something is beautiful? There are sayings such as 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' or 'It's what's on the inside that counts' which gives a few theories on what beauty is and I have to say I agree with both of them. Everything and everyone contains beauty if only we have the ability to search it out, and one can not always judge a book by it's cover - though it can often aid in showing others what it might contain inside.
  From an interesting semester of philosophy lectures and tutorials on Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art I could give you an essay on the difference between the beautiful and the sublime. They are different. Just as happiness and joy are awfully dissimilar. When I was younger and my family travelled to meet different people in the church people would always comment how my parents had 'beautiful' children. For the earlier part of my adolescence this attention had seemed non-existent, or disheartening, due to a bit too much 'puppy fat'. It was not until I grew up a bit in my later teens that I started receiving compliments, and not being used to them, I wasn't sure how to handle them.
   Now I get compliments from many types of people, even strangers, telling me I have a beautiful voice, beautiful hair, a beautiful face. I can only think to say 'thank you' and often want to tell them that "Its not me, its my mother in me, and God." I do not do anything to have a pleasing face nor voice which I love so much to use.
   I have had so much encouragement about my strength and grace with which I have handled this past year and to those who have said these things I say, "It is not me. It is Christ. It is God. I am no where near that strong on my own." I can not boast for anything I have, except the family I have been so blessed to be a part of. My parents have been the most loving of all. My mother the most gracious and kind and my father the most courageous and wise. My sister is so brave and intelligent, determined and a true friend. My brother is so committed to follow the Lord in all he does, he is loving; his wife Sara is wonderfully kind with a pure heart, and they too will make brilliant parents, Lord willing.

   Them, I can boast about. But I know myself, and without God I am nothing. So, I thank you for calling Him beautiful and wonderful and strong and inspirational and loving and gentle and kind.


  1. Rachelle: Very nice post. It was great meeting you and catching up with your dad today. I'm thinking I may reference this blog in a post on The Christian Chronicle's blog. I'm sure we've got plenty of readers who can relate.

    1. Hey Erik it was great meeting you too, glad you enjoyed it. That would be brilliant, thank you :] x