Friday, 12 October 2012

Travel Journal #3

     Friday 5th October
Up early, packed the car and now heading to Oklahoma! The roads here don't really tell you when you're coming up to a junction, so Dad and I were speaking and we flew past it... re-routed us a bit but I think we'll actually save time this way! Nae bad.... Waffle House for lunch - SO GOOD!

We arrived at Russell and Jennifer's, had a tour round their house, went round on their buggy thing into their woods and I drove it round a bit and Dad was a bit concerned I was going fast - but Russell was encouraging me to go faster. :] Had dinner - funny dinner conversations with the boys. Up talking, playing guitar then bed.

     Saturday 6th October
Soccer games at 9 and 10 with Jennifer's dad and it was cooold. Down to 38*F at one point. Back for shooting clay targets with a shot gun! Rode round on buggy a bit more. Met Jennifer's mum. :] Had delicious pizza for lunch in Tulsa. Went to the Christian shop, bought stuff... Went to the 'Hobby Lobby' store - amazing, Mum would have loved it. And to a fantastic music shop. 
   Then went to the Langdons... Rope swing, zip wire, gorgeous house with the children's beds on the ceiling!!! They have two cows, three horses, four dogs and chickens. Dan talked about how life should go at 'that pace' looking at the horses moseying through the gate. We rode on horses quite a bit, round the other fields and over a wee dry creek... We had a campfire and the first ever international partaking of Camp Tayside Hot Choccy Choccy That Tastes Jolly Good! Dan prayed "Thank you for this moment and moments like this to come" whilst we were at the campfire. <3
   And SLEEP.
     Sunday 7th October
Church - Dad preached, spoke about our family and his work with the British Bible School. Preached a good lesson :]  They were having a pumpkin patch so we helped unload the 2000 pumpkins after pot luck, Dad on a wee digger and my in the truck (after taking lots of pictures). 
   A guy who used to be a professional country singer had brought his PA system and set it up on the back of a lorry bed and Jen had told him I played guitar and sang and he insisted I play his new shiny guitar. I obliged, of course. We sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz then I played Ghosts for him, Dad, Russell, Jennifer and her Dad. Was so much fun. We had to head before the festival thing started, down to Edmond to see John and Connie Maple.
   We had a sandwich dinner then head out to Oklahoma Christian University campus for the evening lecture of their Lectureship. Walking into the building and Kevin Peters is walking towards us! An old friend who lived in Dundee, Scotland for a while and was involved in Camp Tayside (which I blogged about in July/August) - so good to see him!! After the lecture we got to see Acappella perform - the original and the current in a 30 Year Reunion!!! 
   They were soooo goood! And the bassist sheesh! Made the ground vibrate! Good stuff. Met Kevin's lovely wife Amanda briefly after the concert then tried to find Dad as he'd wandered off to see people. Met Keith Lancaster as we were on our way to the car - good friend of Dad's and his wife was close with Mum, so was lovely to see them. <3
     Monday 8th October 
Up and ready and at a lecture with Dad at 9. Saw Kevin briefly as we went through the book and mission stalls. Spoke to Jed and Shiloh Lovejoy who we knew when they were in the UK and are involved in running a Christian Children's Home in Oklahoma called Tipton House. I went with Amanda P for some coffee in OK City and we drove around for a bit, she showed me the nice spots and the not-so-nice spots, the church she worked at and the area Kevin worked in as well. Had lunch with Amanda, Kevin and their friend Jamie. Then coffee with Dad and Kevin and back to the house. After dinner Dad, Connie and John went to the evening lecture and I stayed in to edit photos/relax/pack/sleep...
     Tuesday 9th October
Had breakfast with John and Connie, packed the car and went to OCU to see some people before leaving. Met Eric Tryggestad who is the Assistant Managing Editor of The Christian Chronicle publication which is based at OCU. Nice contact to have as a writer ;] We went to the Uni Library's book sale and bought a few books. Then we went to the University Bookshop and bought a fair few more books. Which we'll probably have to mail home - they had to give us a box instead of a bag to carry them out... We then head back across to Searcy, AK, stopping in at Wendy's to eat a late lunch then Sonic for a lovely chocolate malt each. Got to the Shelton's and had some dinner, some catch up conversation and went to bed. And I blogged.

     Wednesday 10th October
Slept in 'til 9 :] Had SUCH a lazy day it was wonderful. Typed out this Travel Journal... Need to finish it with links and pictures tomorrow (which will already be there by the time you read it!) Had a funny conversation with my friend Brooke. Yeah, thought I'd give you a shout out ;] BED!
     Thursday 11th October
Slept in 'til 9, up and ready and packed, caught up with my lovely friend at home Nicola <3 Finished this journal and heading off to Henderson soon! See you there :] // Arrived at Steve and Marie Johnson's house and got a well needed cup of tea! Dinner and some catching up then Marie got out some craft stuff and we started making button rings! Thanks Pinterest ;]
     Friday 12th October
Slept in 'til 9, up and ready, Skyped with Jayne, Stuart and Eli for a good while - he's getting so big and I miss my beautiful friends!! Skyped with a friend from school David as well and spoke to Nicola today as well <3 So many shout out's here :] Blogged 'Travel Journal #2', and I guess now #3 as you're reading it! Think we're going out in Henderson to eat tonight, and then lots more shenannegans over the weekend.. Have a good one, blog to ya soon.

Peace and Love.

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