Saturday, 13 October 2012

Travel Journal #4 Sat 13th Oct

   Today we all had a bit of a lie in and Marie and I went shopping! Again... She's quickly becoming one of my favourite people. Not just because she takes me to neat shops and encourages me to buy pretty dresses ;] She's also very much interested in literature, crafts, tea and said shopping - so pretty much me a few years down the line! She's wonderful. 

   So yes, I bought 3 dresses, 2 tops, a hat (Marie bought me that grey one) mine has an OWL on it :] and some presents for some folk back home! Awfully successful outing. We had lunch at a burger place and then came home. Later Dad and I head out to the Blackwelder's house (peeps I did the horse volunteer thing with the other day) and we had a lovely dinner and visit. I went out to feed the horses with Beata and Alex as well which was cool :] All in all a very good day! Now I MUST get sleep as we're leaving at 0730 hrs to go to Corinth, Mississippi then up to Kentucky and back to Henderson TN. All in a day's work! 3 states, 1 day. 

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