Thursday, 27 September 2012

Remember, remember...

   I was going to write up some of my diary entries this week mirroring the last weeks with Mum last year but for multiple reasons I have not. I want to think of this as the anniversary of Mum leaving to be with our Heavenly Father, rather than dwell on the bad situations we had last year. I whole heartedly want to be open and honest about everything I have been through but feel that for this, right now, it would be inappropriate to mention certain things. You'll just have to buy my book...

   June Elizabeth Boyns was a wonderful wife, a devoted mother and a loving follower of Christ. She passed away a year ago today on the 27th September 2011. She loved so many, so brilliantly, I pray her memory and character continues to inspire others as it does me. I miss Mum dearly, every day, and every time I do something she would have loved to hear about. I have written a poem (as us writers do) and thought I'd share it with you budding blog followers.

I sat down around quarter to three
To figure out what was happening to me,
My whole life had been turned upside down,
My smiles turned into timid frowns,
My heart gone cold over emptier days,
My head been muddled with unfamiliar ways.

Pausing for a moment, an hour goes by,
I ask no other question by why, God, why?
As mortal I understand there are things which my hand
Cannot reach in terms of Universal cause,
But she was quite another - angelic, she was my mother,
Perhaps just too good for this place, so you took her, by your grace...

A year on, sometimes it feels like days, sometimes weeks,
Since she was here, but I have a comfort in knowing,
Each moment passed is one more growing
Nearer to our meeting for an eternity.

Perfect peace I strive to gain every time I awake,
That would be fainly taken on if it would come,
'Til it does I'll remain in limbo between the past and what will be,
Or until my Lord decides that homeward is also the route for me.


  1. Thinking about all of you today. Hugs n prayers across the Pond. Beautiful poem. A xoxoxoxox

  2. What a beautiful poem. God be with you today and always. x x x