Sunday, 21 October 2012

Travel Journal #7

Saturday 20th October
   LONG day! Left just gone 9 to drive to Tupelo Mississippi to visit Elvis Presley's house! YAS! So cool, we went in the wee house he was born in, the church he used to go to and first loved singing in, we saw his primary school and the town, and of course the museum and chapel built by family, friends and fans. It was very interesting.    We actually got a bit of a special tour as we went round with a couple who's Mother (and mother-in-law respectively) had grown up around the corner from Elvis' family and her Mother took care of Elvis when he was a baby, more notably right when he was born and the family dealt with his twin brother who didn't survive. She told us stories of the children, herself included, all playing on the hills nearby and going up to a small house to play. She distinctly recalls her mother playing the piano in the church Elvis and his family went to and tells us that in the reconditioned church building - they put the piano on the wrong side and there should be an aisle between the two columns of benches! It was truly a wonderful day out, we got to hear about the town's history a bit and we ate in the Diner he frequented as a child and revisited as an adult once he became famous. We also saw the music shop in which he bought his first guitar!
   We got back from Tupelo at about 5.30 and we were meant to be at a family's house for dinner at 6 so we quickly freshened up, grabbed a spot of tea and shot off! The family we ate with were lovely, I got into a massive conversation about everything with Beth Naylor and we pretty much solved the world's problems... ;] What a lovely night, amazing folk. Love meeting great people!

The girl in the middle of the photo is Miss Rae who gave us the special tour. The boy standing on the left is Elvis Presley.

Sunday 21st October
   Another long one! We worshiped with the Estes congregation where Steve and Marie are members. It was so wonderful to see so many people who have known my family for decades and it's always lovely to meet new people too, or re-meeting them as I can't remember those who held me when I was a baby or played with me when I was a child... We ate there with a visitation group then came back to the house for a bit and I skyped with Shanae for a few hours. Love you Sis! <3
   Head out to Bethel Springs for evening worship and class. Dad did his BBS presentation again and we hung around for about an hour and a half talking with people! I got into a conversation with Matt who had taken me around the Freed campus, and his friend was there too who does an amazing Londoner accent and is fluent in Japanese... Needless to say, I'm meeting some interesting and entertaining people!

   It's good times.

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