Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Travel Journal #9

(Friday night arrived in Marysville, Ohio) 
Saturday 27th
   Went for breakfast at a lovely restaurant called First watch on a really pretty street. I had Carrot Cake Pancakes, eggs, bacon and Hot Chocolate! Such a beautiful dry, cool, Autumn morning. The changing trees make the simplest scene picturesque. Then went to the Ohio History Museum which has pretty much all of America's history under one roof - it's massive! They had a special exhibition called 'Controversy 2' which contained artifacts that cause much debate and uproar today - over the fact that they ever existed and have survived thus far.  Things like the Swastika Nazi flag, 'Gollywog' sketches, and a slave's poem. 
   It was interesting to see all of this included as 'controversial' as there was a time when these things were accepted as normal, or at least majorly accepted in some societies. It made me wonder what they would show in an exhibition like this in 100 years. Maybe the 'Gay Pride' rainbow flag, Dawkins' London bus sticker with the slogan 'God isn't real, get over it', maybe a medal of honour from the war in Iraq, maybe even a Bible. It is interesting to see how society changes, how today the 'freedom of the people' is celebrated when in reality there are issues causing friction and oppression among us. Some may think it beautiful how we all seem to be so liberated, but there are those who would advocate an airborne threat to even the private practice of values they hold dear. The World is forever changing, swapping between the importance of tradition and fresh ideas. People have not changed, generations have always found something to disagree on. But maybe we can be a people who, with our own beliefs and opinions, can share this world in peace. With a love that surpasses understanding, as we have been granted ourselves...

    After the Museum and deep thought we head back to the house to prepare for a smoked BBQ dinner and whilst Renee was emphatically rushing around for that the men, boys, and myself went outside for a bit of target practice! We shot clay skeet (disks) which Josh flung into the air with his catapult thing - same as in Oklahoma - and my aim has improved! It was a lighter shotgun which made it easier to hit on target and I shot about 6/8 skeet! :] Showed up some of the boys which is always fun. Some friends came over for the BBQ and a game of Monopoly was attempted and abandoned as we were pretty knackered after the long day.
Sunday 28th
   Church morning service then went for lunch with Brooke. Brooke and I met when I was last over when I was 13, we were pen pals for a while (old style) then became official Facebook friends <3 and have been in touch for all this time. It was so good seeing her again and catching up on this past year. We went to the Ol' Bag o' Nails pub - the first place in America I've been where they have pretty much mastered English batter, so you can get an almost-proper Fish & Chips. (Having worked in a chippy for 2 years, I appreciate this greatly.) I went back to Brooke's and watched the end of a questionable Spanish film, supposedly telling the tale of a cook book... Then we watched Chalet Girl - cheesy but good. Then Brooke's family and some others came to Renee's house for more BBQ with peeps and I played some guitar - I think this is becoming my American Debut Tour ;]
Monday 29th
   We went to the Apple Store in the morning - Renee got an iPad with all the trimmings. It felt like Christmas. Went to Dublin near Columbus and got a Jeni's ice cream - Dad got a spicy chocolate flavour as well as others I got Blueberry Crunch, Salty Caramel and a Nutty Chocolate one, nom! We then went to Ohio Caverns, after grabbing  a quick savory snack for luncheon, and discovered it was warmer underground than outside! Which was a nice surprise as it had been (rather literally) freezing all day. We ordered and 'took out' some pizza home for supper, a brilliant end to a brilliant day.
Tuesday 30th
   Woke up after a needed lie in to the sight of a thin layer of snow on the grass outside. Wait, snow in October?! Thanks to Hurricane Sandy - yes. After a short session of feline stretching and yawning Renee came and told me that there were freshly made carrot cake pancakes waiting for me when I was ready for breakfast. Ohmygosh. Definitely one of the best mornings ever!! Like an early Birthday/Christmas day. :] 
We didn't forget those North of us who are getting the worst of the storm, and it's only just beginning to show it's might. New York is spotted with destruction and there is a growing fear that it will get worse before it eases. Remember in your thoughts and prayers the people affected through this storm and the rescue support teams as they relieve all they can.
   We took a trip to Walmart and get some more presents/food supplies for the next journey, saw Renee's parents, went to her family's for dinner then played pool and cards with Brook, Cody and Chaz. :]
Wednesday 31st
   Eventually got home this morning and had little sleep before getting up and saying goodbyes to Renee, Josh and the boys. Sad to be leaving, as it was leaving Brooke and her friends yesterday. Alas, we must depart. Packing the car up in just a minute then heading down to Knoxville in Tennessee for the night before heading to North Carolina tomorrow, missing the worst of the snow in West Virginia.

   See you in Knoxville :]

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