Friday, 26 October 2012

Travel Journal #8 - Hidy Ho Henderson :]

Monday 22nd October
   Got up. Lunch. Shopping with Marie. Dinner with Kid President's family and another couple. Watched the 3rd Presidential debate - interesting stuff.
   If you would like to see what Kid President does, look here: Kid President - YouTube

Tuesday 23rd October
   Went to an early lunch in a Japanese restaurant near Jackson. Pretty good. Rice tea. I had a non-adventurous-but-delicious sweet and sour chicken dish and Dad had the Mongolian beef. Others had sushi and such but I'll wait 'til I get to Japan to try the cuisine... Went back to campus later on in the day and spoke with Marco for a bit then went to Chickasaw Park with Matt Wallace. 'Fall' over here is SO beautiful, I whacked out my camera and was snapping away at the beautiful colours on the trees as they're changing, and the lake was so still it was amazing. Like a mirror giving us twice the splendor of the forest. Fun stuff :] Went to the Robertson's for dinner and stayed talking 'til 1130pm. Good conversations.

Wednesday 24th October
   Met Cassidy Williams at 10am in the Old House then went to chapel and lunch. Went to Chickasaw State Park with Matt again for a bit and he took me to the house we were eating at for dinner. Went to Pincin in the evening to give a talk, was pretty good. Went back to campus to evening singing and stayed in Cassidy's dorm!

Thursday 25th October
   Went to chapel, had lunch in Gano, went to Cassidy's class on Hebrews, went to Chickasaw with Matt and Cody and played guitar and watched Cody muck about. Had dinner at Pizza Hut with Matt, Cassidy, Cody, Dad, Marie, Bill and his wife (Dean of Bible), good stuff!! Back to Campus, watched a bit of 'Cool Runnings' in Old Main on the projector, went to get coffee before the MM and ended up staying in the cafe paying Mau (the card game) and came home.

Friday 26th October
   I got about 5 hours sleep last night as I got in late, packed and was up speaking to a friend back home <3 So I'm knackered. Talking to people and making good friendships has also worm me out, emotionally. I'm so sad to be leaving Steve and Marie, I consider them as Grandparents, they're so precious in my heart. Sad also to be leaving new friends, though I'm sure we'll see each other again.
   We're leaving for Ohio today - a 12 hour drive. Please pray for a safe journey as there's meant to be storms nearby and I would love to get there in one piece. :]
We have to go pack the car, so have a good day and I'll see you in Ohio!

Love and peace.

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