Friday, 19 October 2012

Travel Journal #6

Tuesday 16th October
Lie in and blogging! Lunch at the house.. Dinner at Zlatovich's house with Frank Bell and Jason Shappley, lots of fun and memories from Campaigns who stayed at our house in early 1990s :] They let us have a chocolate fudge pie - amazing!
Wednesday 17th October
We parked in my personal parking spot then I had a tour round campus from Marco Di Luca and Matt Wallace [thanks!], Chapel, lunch at Gano, and some jolly good conversation. We had dinner and evening worship service out in Lindin then I went to the evening song session at Clayton Chapel on Freed Hardeman campus. There was a storm that night and the lightning was intense! So bright and the thunder was so loud. Pretty cool experience, not so bad as to have damage nearby and no tornadoes.

Thursday 18th October
Went to an early lunch with Bill J Naylor and his wife at a cool hotel restaurant overlooking the Tennessee river, beautiful. Then had people over for dinner at Steve and Marie's, went to Freed's Theatre group rehearsal then the evening a capella group practice and stayed in Privileged student accommodation with Jessica J and her flatmates! Lots of fun :]

Friday 19th October
Woke up in a strange place and remembered I'd slept in the dorms, so wasn't too big a freak out. :] Milk and a cookie for breakfast then a Bible class with Jim Gardener and lunch with the England's at Bell's Burgers. Barbara England took be round the Art department and I saw some of the ongoing print work, senior gallery and dark room there. Pretty interesting stuff. After hanging round the art rooms for a bit we head over to the music department where Barbara's husband Richard works, and after playing me some Debussy and Les Mis we had a mini impromptu performance of 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' from Phantom of the Opera - that was pretty cool. Definitely makes me want to get back into singing! Came back to the house and after dinner we watched some footage taken of the Campaign Steve and Marie brought over to Peterborough in 1996! I shall tell you more of that soon... :] The best memories. 

We were rather surprised to see this classic London bus on Freed Hardeman campus!
 It's a project which helps raise awareness about the needs of orphans and raises money for orphan care. The bus had been converted into a shop with t-shirts to buy, amongst other things. If you're interested in knowing more or giving to the cause here's the website:

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