Saturday, 3 November 2012

Travel Journal #10

Wednesday 31st
   Arrived safely in Knoxville and stayed with 'Eddie baby - don't call me Eddie baby' and his family who Dad used to go hill walking with in the Lake District. They shared some stories, we watched some classic Monty Python and saw a home video from their time spent in Dundee! I love home videos. We don't have enough of them - and you're all still waiting on my blog about it, it shall be here soon...
   Had dinner, spoke to their son Marcus (Hey Marcus) about films and blogs and writing jobs, then went to bed. 

Thursday 1st November
   Up and out by 0830 leaving Knoxville to visit Greenville before heading to Jacksonville. Tour de la ville. [Apologies for probable incorrect grammar..] We visited the Galloway Grandparents. I am grateful to them for bringing some amazing people into this world who then brought amazing people into my world also. Apparently I had been there as a baby, but as such I do not remember the visit. It was neat seeing baby pictures of said friends when they were ickle. Need to dig out some more from our archives... 
   After replenishing our weary selves with a jolly good spot of PG Tips we got back on the road and set off for Jacksonville, North Carolina. Stopping once for substantial fual'age - of the vehicle and human consumption variety - and a Chocolate shake from Dairy Queen and arrived at our destination at 2030. 12 hour journey. Pretty worth it - I'm sure.

Friday 2nd
   After staying up yet again to chat with a friend back home (Hey Scott) I finally got out of bed 15 minutes before we were meant to leave.. fortunately neither Bob nor Dad had remembered that time and had gone out so Bob could vote! Saved by forgetfulness. When we were ready we head up to the US Marine base where Bob works as a dentist. He gave us a driving tour round the base - massive - and we had lunch in the Officer's Club. Pretty cool stuff. Lots of marines everywhere, needless to say it was an enjoyable few hours. We went to the food shop on base and got a few things then head back to the house and I sorted the presents we've bought for people back across the pond. Put me in a mellow mood, and I started to miss everyone all over again. Bad times. But plans are being put in place for my Birthday when I return and I hope I"ll be able to see a good few people in Scotland before heading back South for a few months... Dad and Bob put the planking back on the dock at the bottom of the house, so I'll go down there tomorrow I think. There was also an amazing sunset tonight. God is good. Having a light bite for dinner, and I'm going to head downstairs now for a cuppa! :] 

Saturday 3rd
   We all got up in the pitch black dawn today and went to Yanna's for breakfast. I had a 'Western Omelette' with lots of veggies in it, with hash browns and apple fritters! Amazing stuff. Yana's is a small joint run by Yanna who is in her (about) mid 70s now, a massive Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean fan so the place was covered in memorabilia - just like in the diner in Tupelo. We're seeing some pretty unique places, it's neat.
   We went to Beauford, North Carolina, which is the third oldest town in America! (So dates back to the 1700s..) We went around the Maritime Museum - it was packed full of information about the town and especially Blackbeard, the infamous pirate who was caught and executed in Beaufort, NC. One of their major claims to fame, as it were, so it was nice to be a part of that. We walked round the town for a bit and I must admit I got rather sleepy. Travelling/late nights/early mornings are not agreeing with me and as such I have a sore throat and a low tolerance level for the fatigue feeling. Alas, I enjoyed it and took some pretty cool photos. 
   When we got back to the house we had pizza - which always brightens my mood - and I spoke to Cassidy on Skype (which always brightens my mood too)!!!! Very exciting stuff. Even though I only met her a few weeks ago and only spent a few days with her I feel so close to her and really treasure the new friends I've made. To the point that I'm torn between wanting to go home and wanting to stay here a bit longer. Hard times. But it's so good and I am so blessed to be surrounded by lovely people. It's good to have something to miss.

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