Friday, 30 November 2012

Twenty One.

   I am 21. Crazy.... Well, pretty logical actually, and I often feel older than that but still - it's a good number to reach. Just over a week ago Dad and I went up to Dundee to catch up with friends, celebrate my 21st Birthday, pack up my things and move me back home. As well as celebrate [my first] Thanksgiving with the Galloway's in Glasgow! So much food. Good times.
    I apologise for not blogging in a while I have about 3 posts on the go and a 'thought' to come is one which I've had up my sleeve for times such as these when indecision and procrastination call... I also have many thoughts running through my head today. Today was the day of the funeral of a school friend, my thoughts have been in her family and friends who are grieving at this time - more on that later as well. 
   Another thing is - life. Just a small subject.. I am in the process of clearing out my room, replacing old with new and I came across an old diary in which I said some interesting things, prediction kind of things, which are now coming to light. It's funny how life just works out sometimes, how you can look back on what you've done, where you've gone and who you've known and think 'Oh wow, nice one God. I see what you did there.'
"There must be a day or two in a man's life when he is the precise age for something important."
      - Franklin P. Adams

A thought: Maybe it's time to take some advice of my own?
   When I was younger and we would go out as a family into town or to visit an attraction we would sometimes be given a bit money to buy ourselves a wee something to take home. My sister would chose something sensible like pens or a book, my brother would either buy a small sturdy toy or he'd ask to save his. But I would always go for the shiny, plastic, fun-for-a-second toy like an artists 'pallet' with hard tablet paints and a tiny brush, or a mini fake Barbie when I had other real ones at home. My Dad told me not too long ago that when I did this he hated saying yes because he knew it would last 5 minutes and then it would break or, as usual, I'd get bored with it. A waste of money. Fickle, I realise I was only a child though. This does parallel well to situations such as moving house, relationships, jobs, etc. But in some of these things I have often leaped with my heart before thinking with my head. This history tells me two things about myself which I have recently become conscious of [I guess this is growing up]: 1) I need to be careful what I invest in things and 2) I need to recognise my reaction before concluding that's how I really feel.
   I won't say much more on that, these are just things I need to consider more, and a warning against hastiness.. If it's worth a lot, it'll take a lot.

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