Thursday, 8 November 2012

Travel Journal #11 - The end is nigh...

Sunday 4th
   Today we went to church with Bob and Dad have the sermon. Good stuff. *I'm in two places at once.* :] We went to Fuddruckers for lunch and I had an amazing Buffalo burger with sweet potato fries and sweet tea! We head back to the house for some hot tea before Dad's class in the evening church service, and spent time with Sherry when we got back - she'd come home from her wee holiday :]

Monday 5th
   Today I had my first Mani-Pedi experience with Sherry! For those of you less understanding of women's beauty rituals, this is a manicure and pedicure - makes your nails pretty on your hands and toes. :] We went to a salon run by some nice Chinese people and had a laugh with them whilst I got beautified! Now my fingernails change colour with heat!!! Black/maroon when cold and pink when warm, useful stuff.

Tuesday 6th
   Up early, packed the car and head out by o7:40 from Swansborough, NC to Gallatin, TN. That's a 11 hour drive, not including rest stops, lunch  and dinner. We went via Virgina - as you do, for a bit more of a scenic route, and also checking off our 9th state this trip! We got to stop off and see Patrick Sullivan (Dundee Youth Minister) in Cookeville as well which was nice, not seen anyone from across the pond in a while! And we'll see him again when we're back in Scotland. Arrived in Gallatin by about 10pm and spent some time with the Carnes' and the American Political televisual feast before heading to our much needed comfy beds!

Wednesday 7th
   Today was our last full day stateside. We had a good sleep and made sure cases were packed and under the limit - having to ship some books Dad happened to 'acquire' on our travels... We have successfully packed everything. We're taking 2 extra cases and I'm taking an extra hand luggage bag. Manoeuvring our way on the London Tube will certainly be an experience... After having dinner at Chick-fil-a we went to church for Dad to give the last  of his BBS presentations, finally found Will :P, and went back to Bill and Anna May's to watch Duck Dynasty with them and the Carnes. Ok, so you NEED to watch this program. 'Duck Dynasty' on A&E TV in America and somewhere online otherwise. Hilarious stuff. Proper Southern culture, right there. :]
   Just set my alarm for 06:30. Not too bad. Then we'll be off. 

America, it's been grand.

Truly grand.

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