Saturday, 1 September 2012

We are all we have.

[Caution: Contains Spoilers...]

   I have been watching a LOT of One Tree Hill lately, and over the last few episodes watched there have been tears in my eyes and a gentle tugging in my heart. One of the characters Peyton has suffered through the deaths of both her biological and adoptive Mothers - these issues tug particularly deep considering I understand all that goes with that type of loss. The other major thing which catches me is the relationship Hayley and Nathan Scott have - one which brought them to marry at 17 and have a baby boy the day of graduation. I understand these events are fictional, but only in the sense that those characters don't exist - but those people do. 

   I said in a recent post that I love films, TV shows etc. because I love the resolve, and I do. But I love most of all that they (again, the good ones) address real scenarios and situations and somehow prepare us for our own lives, and can inspire us to do some things in reality and make a real difference. I have always believed in the power of words, and from comments I have had about this blog, I think a lot of you believe it too.

   Martin Luther King Jr gave many inspirational speeches but only 4 words stick universally in people's minds - "I have a dream..." And that's OK. They are good words. The context in which they were said makes them Great. So I wonder what words people will remember from me. 

   On the other hand I once heard this phrase, "People may not remember what you say, they may not even remember what you do, but they will always remember how you made them feel." So maybe it's not all about words and maybe not even the actions you take, maybe it's about how you love.
   If there is anything I have learned for certain this year it is that people matter; Who you chose to let in to your heart, who you share your life with, who you worry about during the day and think about before you go to bed. I firmly believe that God created us to have relationships with each other. In His image we are family to each other just as He is Father, Son and Spirit.
   So imagine a faith strong enough to move mountains (Matthew 17:20), and aim for a love so strong it makes the world go round. Don't give up on each other. We are all we have.

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