Wednesday, 6 March 2013

And it was all yellow...

My last post had the Preface (so far) for my book, and I've been working on it more than I had done as well but I'd like to give you, my lovely readers, a little update on things with me at the moment...

My Dad, sister and I went across to the continent last month for about 10 days, we went to take part in the Advanced Biblical Studies Series in Gemunden, Germany, for a week and stayed with some friends in Brussels the weekend before and after. I met up with a good friend Nahum and saw a bit more of Brussels, and the ABSS was a grand hit! I had been applying for jobs left, right and centre since Christmas and hearing nothing back, so had planned to accompany Dad on his Scottish excursions and BBS classes in East Kilbride, and then meet the Freed Chorale group there in May etc. which would have been brilliant fun, but I would not have saved any money for my studies continuing in September; but the day after we got back home I got a call from a certain coffee shop asking me to come in for an interview.
   On Friday I obliged, and it went swimmingly. On Monday I had a working interview which was also a lot of fun and yesterday I got a call and was offered a full time position to be a Barista at Starbucks!
   It all happened quite quickly and with marvellous timing, I can't help but think there's someone watching over me, giving me just what I need just at the right time...

Shanae and I, in the mean time, have been doing a lot of painting. We stripped the wood chip wallpaper from the landing walls and those around the stairs, white washed and painted them all and it looks pretty cheerful! It's funny how a different colour changes a place so much. I dare say those of you who had visited our house in the last 15 years (we think it had been that long since it was painted blue) will notice a big difference.

Needless to say, I recognise that sometimes change is very good. Be it change of pace, focus or just a new colour.

For those who asked me, here is the video of me singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan at the ABSS 'Gemunden Follies'. :]

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  1. Good work again on the blog, as usual. I especially loved your singing and instrumental-lovely.